Friday, June 29, 2007

Enough already with the vacation!!

I am sure that most of you are tired of hearing about my vacation. I know that I am getting tired of posting about it. I have posted a web alblum with some more pictures. If you care to see them, just click on the picture below.

We have been busy this week getting ready for a 4th of July party we are having on saturday. I know that it is not July yet, but with the Fourth being on wednesday, our town is celebrating this weekend. We can see the fireworks from our front yard, so we thought it would be fun to have people over to watch.

Have a great weekend!!

vacation pictures

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vacation Part lll~Tim's birthday and family

I did not want to haul a cake for Tim's birthday all the way down there in the van, so I decided to stop at a Walmart when we got close. I think a lot of other people had the same idea. The choices were either very flowery with lots of pinks, yellows and purples, or this lovely concoction with brown and yellow. I thought this was more fitting for a man,-and it was VERY good.

Tim and his brother David

Tim with our kids
Brittany, Walter, Charlie, and Chris

Very happy with his PlayStation 2.

(He has wanted one for a very long time.)

The whole gang~Our family with-

Tim's Mom and Dad~ Marvin and Erma

Tim's Brother's family~David, Kelly, Josh, Katie, Jacob, & Kara

Tim and his Mom

Our family

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vacation Partll~The Cabin

I have so many pictures from vacation that I am going to have to break it down into parts, and post as I get time. Here are pictures of the "cabin". It had four bedrooms, two with king beds and master baths with Jacuzzis. It had two large decks with lots of seating and a hot tub. It was very high on a mountain with a great view and was very private. We really enjoyed our time there.
View of the living/dining room from the loft.
I loved the 3 story window with the view of the mountains.
Living/dining room
Looking up at the loft
Game room
View from top deck
View from bottom deck
The cabin was very private
I loved coming out here to sit in the morning before the kids were awake.
Up next pictures of Tim's birthday "party".

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Vacation Part l~The Jump

While we were on vacation, Walter kept insisting that he wanted to bungee jump. We kept trying to tell him that is was alot higher than what it looked. He kept insisting that he would not back out after he got up there, so we gave in. There was another jumper who went up at the same time. Walter let him go first, but when it came his time he did not even hesitate. He jumped right off!! I was so proud of him! This is a kid that likes to try things, but does not always succeed at them. I was so happy for him that he had a successful jump. He was one happy boy, and now has bragging rights~~ doing something that no one else in the family is brave enough to do.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Turning Our Hearts Toward Home

Veiw from the deck of our cabin.
The past week we have been vacationing in the Great Smoky Mountains. Tim loves to vacation here, so that was his birthday surprise. The first part of the vacation we were joined by Tim's parents, and his brother's family. This was the first time that we have all vacationed together. We woke Tim up about 6:30 on his birthday and told him to get up we were going to Gatlinburg! He was so surprised that it took us a while to convince him!!
  • relaxed on the deck
  • rode go-carts
  • shopped
  • took pictures
  • went swimming
  • saw some shows
  • ate to much food
  • took more pictures
  • stayed up to late
  • went to Wonderworks
  • climbed a rock wall
  • rode more go carts
  • went swimming some more
  • played in the creek
  • shopped some more(just a little)
  • took even more pictures
  • made lots of wonderful memories

Fun was had by all, but now my heart is longing for home. We will be home tonight, but it may take me a couple of days to recover and find time to post some of my over 800 pictures.(I won't post all of them~I promise)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


What you look liked at 9 months old.

What you look like after 40 years of climbing up that hill!!

(I told you I would use that picture someday!!)

Born on flag day~June 14,1967

Tim, I want to wish you the happiest birthday ever. (I know you will because I have spent months planning it:) I hope you like all your "suprises". Just wanted to tell you how much I love you. You are the best. ~Patty

Daddy, I love you! You are an awsome Dad. Happy Birthday~Brittany

Daddy, I hope you enjoy your birthday. I love you~Walter

Daddy, Happy Birthay. I love you!!~Charlie

Happy Birthday Daddy! You are the coolest Daddy in the world!! I love you!~Chris

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fun with Photography

I like to dabble in photography, but in no way consider myself a professional. I am just starting to learn a little of the editing you can do on the photo shop programs. My niece graduated from high school this year. She had professional pictures done for her senior pictures, but ask me to take some outside ones. Here are a few that we did after her graduation open house.
My brother Keith, niece Joya, and sister-in-law Glinda


On Memorial Day, we took the kids to the park. It was a beautiful day and a pretty park, so why not make the kids pose for pictures!! They were not dressed for pictures but we had fun anyways

Brittany, Walter, Charlie, and Chris