Thursday, June 26, 2008

Youth Camp

I am finally getting around to posting pictures from our trip to youth camp. We had two twelve passenger vans packed full of kids and a king cab pickup truck full of luggage.~Have you ever seen the way teen girls pack?:-} We really had a great time with the youth. They are a great bunch of kids. It was worth the trip to see them seek God and grow spiritually.
Titus and Cherie are the youth leaders. They do an awesome job with the kids. It was nice spending time with them and getting to know them better. Jamie also went and did a great job as lead driver most of the trip.
The gang of youth~this is them on their best behavior and....

This is how they really act:-}~~ you have to click to enlarge to really appreciate it.

Walter was catcher for his team

Walter up to bat.

Olivia liked to climb the fence and watch the game.

Kenny at bat.
I don't think Walter stood a chance at getting this ball.

Brittany at the banquet

Brittany was nominated for camper of the week from her team
This is how the van looked the first part of our trip home. Yes it is full of kids but most of them were sleeping~Yea

Click on the picture below for more pics from youth camp.
If any of you youth see a picture that you want feel free to copy it.

youth camp 08

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Mini Vacation

Well I think that we are beginning to catch up an our sleep and the laundry is done. I wanted to get pictures on here sooner but I have been busy getting caught up. We are in VBS this week and Tim's computer is in the shop so I have had to share mine.
The first week of June we went to Indiana to visit family. My cousin Bethany has moved from Colorado to close to where my Dad lives so it was great to spend a couple of days with her and her family.

This was taken while we were waiting for Daddy to come out of an electronics store. I love her winkled up nose.
The kids played with shaving cream one day~Tim thought I was nuts.
My cousin Bethany's adorable boy Braedon
We visited the Children's Museum

This is my Aunt showing Braedon ...........


My niece Breanna, Brittany, and Charlie
Walter with his twin monkey:-}

Olivia with Curious George
All the kids loved the slide
Braedon and his mommy Bethany
Olivia, Braedon, and Charlie having lunch with the three bears.

We also went to the park and had some great times of fellowship, but I did not get out my camera enough. We are really looking forward to going back for a big family get together for the 4th of July.
I will try to get pictures of youth camp up soon~I promise.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm HOME!!!

I know it has been a long time since I posted~~but I have a good excuse. Last week we took a mini vacation and visited family in Indiana. We got home Saturday evening, and Sunday evening we got a call from our Pastor saying that there had been a death related to our church. He had to stay and preach the funeral so he wanted to know if we could drive one of the vans of young people to youth camp. They were meeting at the church a 7:00 A.M. the next morning!
So I started packing for 7 people at 10:00 Sunday night and we left the house at about 6:20 the next morning.
We had 2 vans full of kids and a truck full of luggage on a very long 8 hour trip to Alabama, but it was a fun trip and great to see our young people seek God.
Brittany was old enough to go to camp this year but Tim and I decided that we were not sending her that far away without us since she is only 12. So she was very happy we were going! When we got there we found out that they had several 11 year old campers, so we let Walter be on a team but he had to stay with us at night. He was beside himself!
We got home at 2:45 this morning. I will post pictures later but since we did not have Internet all week, I have 235 items in my Google reader and 110 e-mails.

I would also like to wish Tim a Happy Birthday. He ushered in his birthday somewehere around Louisville driving a van full of teenagers:-} Happy Birthday Babe!