Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have been needing a new table and chairs for a long time and have been wanting a new table for even longer. The table we have been using is about 30 years old and the chairs have been repaired several times. The other problem was it only sat 6 so if we had company we had to send the kids somewhere else to sit.
With Tim still in school, a new one like I wanted is way out of the budget, so I have been looking on craigslist for several weeks. I prayed that I could find one like I have been wanting. The things I really wanted it to have were a double pedestal, be able to store the leaves under the table and be able to extend to about 96 inches. This one has all of those requirements and is VERY sturdy and well made. The chairs are heavy duty and should last a long time. This set would cost me at least 1,500-2,000 new....I paid $300.

This is without any leaves...42x60...the biggest our old one got.

This is with one leaf in..makes it 42x72

With both leaves it is 42x96(not pictured)

Love the pedestal.

Picture taken September 2006
Even though I am thrilled with my new table and very thankful for it, I am just a wee bit sentimental about the old one going. I grew up eating around this table and have many happy memories with my family growing and with my own kids.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Tim has been after me because I have not posted in a while. I am now on facebook and it seems easier to just do that, but I have been missing my blog and the more "intimate" feel here. I also know that some of my readers are not on facebook so I am going to try to post here more often.
Last week I did a little photo shoot with the kids. Here are some of the pictures.