Thursday, March 29, 2007

Christopher's Adoption November 2006

Here are some pictures from our youngest son's adoption. He joined our family in May 2002, but the adoption was not completed until November
2006. If any of you have been through an adoption you know that it can be a long process, but the joys far outweigh the "red tape". We could not imagine life without him.

Our family with the adoption Judge.
Our kids with their cousins

Katie, Kara, Joshua, and Jacob
Our pastor, Bro.Stetler, presented Chris with a Bible inscribed with his official new last name.


Brittany and Charlie with their piano teacher
Mrs. Clemens
All three did a great job!

Taking the plunge into blogger land

Well I am finally going to start blogging. My husband has been trying to get me to do it for a while. I kept telling him that nobody cared what I had to say. I have been reading other blogs and watched new friendships form, and old friends become reacquainted. So since you can never have to many friends, I am going to give it a try.