Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shopping With Coupons

My Kroger Deals

Before sales and coupons~60.63
After sales and coupons~3.70

Here is how.
Everything I got was on sale. I had a coupon for most of the things.
Krogers was running a deal mix and match 10 things get 5.00 off. I got 20 of those things taking 10.00 off my bill.
I had 5.00 coupons off any Huggies gentle care product. The wipes were on sale for 2.50 giving me an overage of 2.50 per coupon. I had 4 of these coupons so I got the wipes for free and an additional 10.00 overage off my bill.
The toothbrushes, toothpaste, butter and suave deodorant were also free after coupons.
I was bummed because I forgot 2.00 coupon I had. I could have got it all for 1.70!
Krogers doubles coupons up to 1.00. So if it is a.35 coupon it doubles to .70, a .50 coupon is doubled to 1.00 and a .75 coupon it is still "doubled" to 1.00
I did not buy meat this trip which always makes my bill more since there are very few coupons for meat.

My Walgreen's Deals.

Before sales and coupons ~99.12
After sales and coupons ~23.32
The shampoo was an sale for .99 cents. I had 1.00 coupons getting them for free. Everything else was on clearance some of which I had coupons for. The crest pro-health is normally 5.00-6.00 but was on clearance for .95 I had a 1.00 coupon and two .50 coupons. which means I paid a total of .90 for all three.
The cookies were.32, the Karo syrup was .49, pizzas were 1.09, and the napkins were .75
I also got a good deal on Huggies diapers at Walgreen's. If you bought 25.oo you got 10.00 back in Register Rewards.(a "coupon" on your receipt for 10.00 off of your next purchase) The diapers were on sale for 10.00 a pack and I had some good coupons. There was a mix up on the order and I did not get my Register rewards, so the manager gave me 10.00 cash. So I got three packs of diapers for a little over 3.00!!

Some tips for shopping with coupons

  • Always try to match coupons with sales. Hang on to the coupon until the item goes on sale.
  • If it is a good deal, stock up enough to last until the next sale. It is cheaper to buy it on sale and to have it on hand than to need it and have to pay full price for it.
  • Don't be Brand Loyal. If you are willing to try a different brand you can get some good deals. I hardly ever pay much for Cereal, Shampoo, Toothpaste, deodorant, Air fresheners,etc.
  • Just because you have a coupon does not mean you need to buy it. Sometimes it still is not a good deal, or may not be something you will use. If it is not going to be used it is a waist of money
  • Get multiple coupons if you can. I buy the Sunday paper at the main office when I go into Cincinnati on Tuesdays (I usually buy tw0), and a dear friend gives me her extras. If a great deal comes along it is nice to have extra coupons for that item.When I first got started I posted an ad on Craiglist asking for coupons people did not use. I had 2 people respond and sent me coupons for several months.
  • Get online coupons. Coupons.com and smartsource.com are two good sights.
  • Keep your coupons organized. It is frustrating to miss a good deal because you can't find a coupon. I used to keep mine organized by category in a recipe box. It was easy to file them away but frustrating to look through them to find what I needed. Now I use this:

It is more time consuming when you cut them out and put them away but is much quicker to find a coupon when you need it. Any 3 ring binder will work. I use baseball card holders to put the coupons in. It will hold 9 per page.

  • Let others do the hard work for you. There are many web sites and blogs that look at the sales and match up the coupons for you. Here are some of my favorites moneysavingmom.com, becentsable.net and cincinnaticents.blogspot.com. You can also do a google search to find some that do stores for your specific area. But most of them cover the biggies like Kroger Meijer CVS and Walgreen's. Becentable.com has something called the grocery gathering where many people post deals found at many different stores. I also have links on the right side of my blog to more coupon sites and frugal blogs.
  • Load your store cards with coupons. shortcuts.com and cellfire.com are two sites that do this. You put in you storecard number and then when it is scanned at the store the coupons come off your total.
  • Always take your coupon book/box with you. Some people just pull the coupons for the items they are going to buy. I have found that when I do this I come across something an clearence or a sale I did not know about. I even take mine into Wal-mart even if I am not shopping for groceries. I once found Halls cough drops on clearence at Wal-mart and I did not have my coupons with me. I made a trip back later and got the Halls for .25 a bag. I would have saved myself a trip if I would have had my coupons with me.
  • Don't expect your bill to always be a couple of dollars. That happens sometimes, but I usually save 40-60% off my bill. Every little bit helps.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment. I am by no means an expert, these are just some of the things that I have learned that have helped me save some money for my family.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Nurse

Tim is starting his clinicals in school so he is starting to look the part. He does not like the all white scrubs but he does not get a choice. He is doing really well with his studies and grades and I am SO proud of him.
I always thought that the men in white suits would come get him someday but instead he IS the man in a white suit....:-}