Saturday, March 26, 2011

DiGiorno House Party

If you have never checked out you need to. Companies use to get out word about their products. You apply and if you are chosen you get to have a party at you house and they supply great products for you to use. I was selected to host a party for DeGiorno Pizza. I was given coupons for free pizza and $4 coupons to give my guest. Along with some other neat stuff that you can see in the picture below.

I packaged the coupons with a pizza cutter in a dish towel as gifts to give the guest. They are in the basket in the picture.

Bam Bams for the kids:)

The theme was Pizza and Hoops

Several games of basketball were played

we even had Basketball for the Wii

We had such a fun time with family and friends. I forgot to take any pictures of the pizza but it was yummy. If you have never tried DiGiorno Pizza give it a try. You can now get a full size pizza packaged with you choice of wings, bread sticks or cookies. We had the wings and bread sticks and they were delicious.