Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gotta love this age!!!

This kid is a climber. And he gets into everything!! But I am still loving this age. So much fun!
He climbed up...

Got the Teddy Bear and threw it down....

And then started to climb down. I guess he wanted the bear.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

For you Bethany:-)

My sweet, wonderful cousin Bethany (my one and only faithful reader) keeps bugging me to update my blog. So here you go Bethany...a couple new post for you to read:-)

Bethany finds out in a few days if she has a match for a new kidney. Please help us pray that this is a good match and she can have the surgery and be on the mend before Christmas.

Kroger Deals

This week I made 3 trips to Kroger for their Mega sale(only two trips pictured). They have this sale a couple times a year, and I like to stock up when they do. I got a lot of things for free or almost free. Some things I do not usually buy but got because they were so much cheaper than normal~such as Jose Ole Taquitos. We love these but I almost never by them because they are 5.29 for a box of 15. I got them for 2.00 a box, with sale and coupon. I got a lot of yogurt any where from free to .49. The kids love to have these as a snack. I got extra strength Tylenol for 1.50 and Tylenol PM for .50. I also bought more snacks and chips than usual, but I have put them away to use during the holidays.
So the grand total.....
543.32 worth of groceries for...
184.39 after sales and coupons.
It still sounds like a lot, but it includes 2 packs of diapers. Since my freezer was already pretty stocked with meat from previous sales, I should not have to do much grocery shopping the rest of the month.

Tonight Chris was asking questions about the kids ages and how much older they were than him when he got this shocked, unbelievable look on his face and said "You mean you had 6 Christmas's without me!"